Africa holds so much potential. She has the natural resources, people and passion for growth.

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Our passion

Women and Youth-Led Enterprises

As the second most populous continent, Africa is teeming with unexplored labor and skills amongst the youth and women.

With the right support, Africa will become a major hub for economic activities supplying products and services across the globe.

It starts with African businesses supporting each other through strategic alliances, pooling resources, and sharing knowledge.

Although MSME Africa Alliance supports all MSMEs across the continent, we are focused on developing Youth and Women-led enterprises.

Join our network of high-impact entrepreneurs across the African continent.

Population - Africa
Youth 70%
Unemployment rate (Africa)
Women 60%
Unemployment rate (Africa)
Youth 75%

Meet some of Africa's most promising MSMEs

We have a particular interest in youth and women-led enterprises that are breaking the barriers and making their mark in their sectors


ComMedia Concepts

Led by Brenda Antwi-Donkor, a seasoned media and event production specialist, ComMedia Concepts is paving the way for other women and young people to develop their skills and interest in media production through our Tacit Training programme



DELLASIE is a renowned recording artist, fashionista, socialite and philanthropist. She built this brand to house runway/couture-inspired looks and styles that would fit the everyday fashionista's budget. She was inspired by her own tragic story during the middle of the covid crisis.



NewkTech Solutions is one of the best and leading innovative software developing company in Africa. Promises to offers the world's best customized or ready-made mobile App, web, and desktop software. In Additio to offering digital solutions, NewkTech frequently take on trainees in the Tacit Training Program

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